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WEM 1/200 USS Arizona (PE 2002)


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WEM 1/200 USS Arizona (PE 2002). For the Trumpeter kit.

Contains: Fret A, Stock 3-Bar Railing, Railing (Fantail Forward), Railing (Radar Platform D26), Railing (Platform D17), Railings ( Main Deck Forward), Railing (Catwalk Platforms F33/F34/F35), Railings (Platforms D1 & D2), Railings (Fo’c’sle), Railing (Platform D20), Railings (Main Mast Platform E16),  Railings (Mainmast Platform E23), Railings (Platform A6), Railings (Main Deck Aft), Railings (Funnel Platform B41), Railings (Platforms A22 & A23), Railing (Catapult Catwalk F40), Railing (Fantail Aft), Railings (Mainmast Platform E13), Railings (Gun Deck Sections), Railings (Signal Deck C15), Funnel Cap Grille, Railings (Gun Deck Aft), Railings (Funnel Platforms B42 & B43), Railings (Conning Tower Deck C14), Railings (Director Platform D15), Railings (Main Mast Platform E21), Railings (Bridge Deck C5), Ship's Boats Name Plates, Ship's Stern Names, Motor Boat Parts, 5” Gun Mount Front Railings, 5” Gun Mount Layers' Handwheels, Ship's Bell Brackets, Main Turret Blast Bag Retainer Strips, Stock Vertical Ladder, OS2U Kingfisher Floatplane Parts, Main Turret Top Rails. Fret B, Mainmast Tripod Leg Ladders, 30’ Whaleboat Thwarts, 26” Whaleboat Fittings, Fantail Double Ladders H12, Inclined Ladders G39, Inclined Ladder E20, Paravane Parts, Inclined Ladders H12, Inclined Ladders H21, Inclined Ladder G41 (Upper), Inclined Ladders G42, Inclined Ladder G41 (Lower), Inclined Ladder E19, Incl;ined Ladders H21, Inclined Ladder D27, Casemate Shutters, Boat Crane Jib Braces, Crane Jib Cross Bracing F2 & F4, Crane Jib Cross Bracing F1 & F3, Hull Blister Top Braces, Funnel Antenna Spreader, .50 cal. Machine Gun Sights & Brace, .50 cal. Machine Gun Magazines, 40’ Motor Launch Fittings, 50’ Motor Launch Fittings, Inclined Ladder G43 (Upper), Hawser Reel, .50 cal. Handlebars, Inclined Ladder G43 (Lower), Cantilever Foremast Yardarms, Flag Locker Tops, Life Raft Paddles, Crane Jib Cross Bracing H29, No.3 Turret Barbette Handrail, Floatplane Catapult Cradle, Hawsepipe Grilles, Life Raft Bases, No.2 Turret Barbette Handrail, Range Clocks, Deck Hatch Canvas Covers, Safety Nets Mainmast Yards E3 to E6, Inclined Ladders H11, 5” Gun Layers' Seats, Crane Jib Sides F5 and F6 (Optional), Inclined Ladders H16, Accommodation Ladder Davit & Rig, Accommodation Ladder Steps & Landings, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Safety Net Mainmast Part E17, Catapult Aft Perforated Catwalks F33/F34/F35, Hull Blister Inspection Hatches, Catapult Perforated Catwalk F40, Docking Keel Templates (Inner), Hull Blister Inspection Hatches, Docking Keel Templates (Outer), No.2 Turret Barbette Frame, No.3 Turret Barbette Frame.