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WEM 1/200 Sovremenny (PE 2001)


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WEM 1/200 Sovremenny (PE 2001)

Two large sheets in different thicknesses to turn your model into a show-winner. Designed for the Trumpeter kit. See also our replacement turrets, PRO 2001, and take a look at Lim Kian Seng's stunning build of the kit using WEM PE at INDEPENDENT REVIEW

Includes 2 sheets, with one sheet thicker than the other to provide details in various degrees of fineness relating to the size of the structure being modelled.  The finer sheet is A4 size.  The second, thicker sheet is 2/3 A4 size.  Every possible detail we could think of is crammed into these two sheets (we have CD's full of "official" photos and drawings of the Soviet Fleet that we have been working from), and you will find extremely fine relief etching throughout our computer-aided designs.  You will find that the instructions supplied will require no impossible-to-find extra reference material to be acquired by the modeller.


Contains: 4 Bar Main Deck Railing, 3 Bar Generic Railing, 2 Bar Mast Platform Railing, Bow Railing Rear Ends, Bow Railings, UHF Antenna Assembly, "Prim Wheel" Antenna, Folded Accommodation Ladders, Mast Platform Weather Vanes, "Top Steer" Radar Front Screen, "Top Steer" Rear Screen Backs, "Top Steer" Front Screen Backs, "Top Steer" Front Mounting, IFF Antenna, Fregat Radar Half Plate, Fregat Radar Full Plate, Half Plate Back Frame, Full Plate Back Frame, Half Plate End Frame, Full Plate End Frame, Fregat Radar IFF Mounting, IFF Mounting Supports, "Top Steer" Radar Rear Screen, "Top Steer" Radar Seperator Frames, "Cage Bare" Antenna, Fregat Radar Mounting Footplate, Foremast Front Platform Assembly, Shtil Missile Launcher Footplates, Mainmast Mid Platform, Funnel Front Platform Support, Mainmast Top Aft Antenna, Foremast Side Platforms Assembly, Mainmast Yardarm Assembly, Foremast Platform Aft Antenna Support, Foremast Lower Walkway, Flight Deck Helo Restraint Net, Mainmast Top Side Antennas, Replacement Inclined ladders, "Pop Art" Antenna, Footplate Handrails, AK 130 Turret Footsteps, Radome Platform Supports, Narrow Vertical Ladders, Vertical Ladder with Brackets, Cage Antenna Assembly,3 Bar Solid Railing, Mainmast Front Panel, Telescopic Hangar Tracks, Foremast Platform Aerial Spreader, DF Loop Antenna, Mainmast Rear Panel, Mainmast Starboard Side Panel, Mainmast Port Side Panel, Fregat Radar Monting Bracket, Helicopter Rotor Hub Parts, Helicopter Control Star Parts, Helicopter Rotor Blades, Helicopter Tail Fins, AK 130 Turret Front Railing, 3 Bar Solid Rail Ends, AK 130 Gun Barrel Coolant Pipes, Flight Deck Net Frame, Foremast Side Platform Supports, Flight Deck Safety Nets, Shoreside Gangway Assembly, Siren Mounting Bracket, Foremast Starboard Side Platform Bracket, "Top Steer" Radar Rear A Frame, "Top Steer" Radar Rear Screen Mounting, "Top Steer" Radar Rear, Transducer Probe, Transducer Probe Rear Plate, "Top Steer" Radar IFF Antenna Mounting, "Top Steer" Radar Centre Bracket, "Top Steer" Radar Front Screen Tranducer, Access Doors, Main Watertight Doors