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                    This month's masthead photo is HMS VIgilant, and we're pleased to announce that as soon as he has finished the instructions for our forthcoming 1/350 scale HMS Portchester Castle kit...
Tuesday 2nd September 2014


  This month's masthead photo is a teaser having to do with the next WEM PE set that Peter Hall is working on. Shown is a part from a Trumpeter ship kit, overlaid with a black line showing the correct outline of the platform. And below is the image of the replacement part that will be in the PE set (...
Friday 1st August 2014

JULY 2014

                    This month's masthead photo is the CANT Z.501, a WW2 Italian flying boat. The Z.502 Gabbiano (Gull) was a high-wing, central-hull flying boat with 2 outboard floats under the wings, and was powered by a single engine installed in a nacelle in the center of the wing.
Monday 7th July 2014